The AALL Vendor Colloquium: I'm There... Taking Notes For Now

Good morning from Chicago! As many of you may know, there is a meeting going on up here at the McDonald's resort (The Lodge) where 40 or so vendors, law librarians, and stakeholders are meeting to discuss some of the issues that are currently affecting the relationship of the overall industry. You probably know it better as the AALL Vendor Colloquium. The meeting should be interesting, and I assume there will be some hard questions asked both from the customers' point of view, and probably some coming back at us from the vendors' point of view as well. I, of course, will be coming from the large law firm point of view.

I don't think you'll be seeing a lot of #AALLVC tweets today, as many of us were asked to wait and sit through the entire discussion before we start pushing information out. I looked at this the same way that I looked at when I got to look at WestlawNext last year when I went up to Eagan, MN. Many of you may not agree with me on this, but that's what I agreed to, and I will make sure that I keep lots of notes on what is said and will blog about it on Wednesday, along with my own personal commentary.

Mark Estes will be pushing out recaps (live blogging) at the AALL Spectrum Blog later today and on through tomorrow. I'll be talking with as many vendors, librarians and stakeholders as I can to get a feel for where I think we are heading as an industry of legal information professionals and legal information providers over the next few years. Like I said earlier... it should be interesting. Stay tuned for more...

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