Now This Is Just Cool... BlindType - Text Without Even Looking!

I know that with the exception of Flipboard for the iPad, that BlindType has been getting a lot of talk around the mobile webisphere (can I trademark "webisphere"??) But if you haven't seen this "soon to be released" product yet, you need to take a look. It will change the way you text (especially those of you that text and drive... you know who you are!!)

By the way... I got my Flipboard to connect to Twitter and Facebook yesterday (and it is awesome!!) So I can't wait until BlindType is actually out for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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Scott Preston said...

Way cool. Seems too good to be true.

Greg Lambert said...

It does raise some red-flags... I'm wondering how much it will cost when they do launch it.

Jordan Streetman said...

I think is this a great idea, it gives people with disabilities, like blind people, the opportunity to text.

Jay said...

Pretty wild, I'd buy into that though, doesn't seem like extremely complicated software.


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