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Well, I had a fun shopping experience that I thought I would share–Amazon’s Treasure Truck. It is kind of internet-y and social media-y thing I can chat about.

It is yet another POS that Amazon is owning.

Basically, you sign up for text messages through Amazon to be notified when their treasure truck is in your area with a hot sale item. You then reserve the item, select pre-set pick up location, then pick it up at the appointed time. The oddest thing: no money changes hands.

Amazon Treasure Truck: yet another POS that turns shopping into a scavenger hunt

(Photo courtesy of Amazon)

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By Lisa Salazar (@Lihsa)

A UK study, Elastic Generation: The Female Edit, offers some refreshing insight into a woman’s perspective on advertising.

Conducted by J Walter Thompson Intelligence, 248 UK women aged 53-72 were surveyed. For comparison,  276 UK men were surveyed, as well.

When women push back on patronizing and stereotypes in marketing and advertising

Marketing to women

Identifying this group of females as the “elastic generation”, the report comes to this pivotal conclusion:

The two words women choose to describe advertising aimed at them? ‘Patronising’ and ‘stereotyped’. As a result, 72% say they pay no heed to advertising. Nine out of ten say they would just like to be treated as a person, not a stereotype. Elastic Generation, p. 3.

I would surmise that this general feeling floats all the way across the pond.

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By Lisa Salazar (@Lihsa)

I’ve wanted to compare generated photo books for a while now. I can now cross this off of my bucket list.

What I mean by “generated” is that the platform will perform an initial import, or selection from your batch of photos on your phone.

Today, I compare Google Photos Book and ReSnap, comparing platforms, pricing, editing and layouts.

Who did it better: Google Photo Books or ReSnap?

Google Photos Book

If you have a Google account, you have a Google Photos account. To take full advantage of Google Photos, my phone automatically backs up my photos so they are automatically saved to my little slice of the Google cloud.

Google Photos Book
Google Photos Book

Make sure that you adjust your camera settings so photos are taken at their highest resolution.  If you are planning on printing photos from your phone, this is critical.

Once home, I went to my Google Photo account and began assembling my book. A minimum of 20 photos must be selected, and a maximum of 100.

Google Photo Book – Pros

  • Generation: easy to pick multiple photos
  • Editing interface: Fast, simple GUI
  • Pricing: affordable

Google Photo Book – Cons

  • Photo source: photos are lifted straight from your camera roll. So if you like to enhance photos with any filters or editing, these won’t be available unless you do quite a bit of finagling.
  • Editing: Limited editing capabilities. Text captions are only available on the cover. Filtering is not available.
  • Page layout: Layouts are limited to one photo per page, then 3 size options on the page. 
  • Sizing: softcovers are 7″ square; hardcovers 9″ square.
  • Covers: Front cover can be customized. The back cover can not and bears the Google Photos logo.

Google Photo Book – Pricing

A softcover book with 20 images is $9.99, with additional pages at $.35 each. A hardcover book with 20 images is $19.99, with additional pages at $.65 each. The softcover book is 7 inches, square; the hardcover book is 9 inches square.


ReSnap Photo Book
ReSnap Photo Book

ReSnap can pull your photos from your Facebook or Instagram account. You can also directly upload photos from your computer or phone.

A minimum of 24 photos and maximum of 600 photos (!) can be selected.

ReSnap – Pros

  • Generation: the generation is superb, allowing for a smart selection by the GUI or a manual selection by you. The smart selection will auto-generate a complete layout, automatically determining which photos get a full page and which photos are laid out together. The auto-generation is fully editable to swap, add or delete photos.
  • Photo source: uploads filtered Instagram or Facebook photos (but not both, together) and not just from your camera roll.
  • Editing: Limited editing capabilities. It is better than Google Photos in that text captions can be added to the photos. However, the font selection is limited. Photos can also be moved about but cannot be transformed. There are no filtering capabilities.
  • Layout: Multiple options for layout on the page, holding 1 – 5 photos per page. Layouts can be adjusted to multiple variations and sizes customized.
  • Sizing options: there are three sizing options at portrait (A4, A5), landscape (A4, A5) and square (21, 14). 
  • Covers: Can customize the front and back cover. The ReSnap logo can be removed for an additional $9.95 charge.
  • Share-able: all of your books can also be shared virtually.

ReSnap – Cons

  • Filtering: No filtering capabilities. What you upload is what is displayed in the book.
  • Pricing: this is a higher-end book and it shows in the pricing.

ReSnap Pricing

Pricing is based upon the size of the book, a small (6″ x 6″) 24-photo book starts at $26.95–a large (8″ x 8″) 24-photo book bumps up to $39. The book pricing then bumps up in increments of 20 pages. So, a 40-page book starts at $34.95, a 60-page book starts at $42.95, an 80-page book at $52.95 and 100-page book at $63.95. 
As you can imagine, these books can get expensive and pricing will ramp up as photos and pages are added. You can also opt for high glossy paper for an additional $16.95.

Which is it: Google Photos or ReSnap?

Google Photos Book - interior
Google Photo Book – interior

If you want to put together a quick collection of photos for documentation journaling purposes, Google Photos is the way to  go. Overall, the Google Photo Book is easy to use but rather simplistic with very little editing abilities. 

Last November, I went to Italy, passing through France on the way.  I took hundreds of photos on my phone, then went home and created a Google Photo Book for about $40. Because I couldn’t add text captions, I’m going to take a pen to it to add notes; otherwise, I’ll forget where I was when I took the photo.
If you enjoy fiddling with Instagram filters or creating stories about your photo collections, then ReSnap is the way to go. ReSnap’s interface is very easy to use and I love the smart generating. Editing was fun but I would have liked a little more flexibility with the font sizing and selection.
With ReSnap, I imported my 2017 Facebook photos. I enjoyed fiddling with photos and playing with the layout. All in all, I had just over 80 photos. With the promo code, my hardback book cost $90. 
In the end, I recommend ReSnap as it has the most flexibility in capabilities and pricing.

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By Lisa Salazar (@Lihsa)

A friend texted me before the New Year to tell me that her firm granted her request for a raise. But today, she got even more interesting news.

Salary is a real issue for young lawyers, as explained by Wired’s “Grad Students are Freak Out About GOP Tax Plan. They Should Be.” On top of that, the US Labor Department data shows that women earned about 82 cents for every dollar a man made in 2016.

This young woman–a talented lawyer that speaks 3 languages, has an LLM, and broad range of experience–is ecstatic because she anticipates that by the end of this year she might break six figures. She wants to become a first-time home-owner and get a better handle on her own student loans.

Women, salaries, law student loans and asking for a raise - 3 Geeks - Lihsa

The student loan crisis

LendEDU, a marketplace for student loans, reports that the average law student loan debts, which exclude scholarships but includes living expenses, can range anywhere from $48K to $340K. In fact, one lawyer couple, who have chosen to not marry due to their combined law school debt of over $400K, are chronicling their financial recovery plans on YouTube.

Why ask for a raise in salary

My friend and I met through a mentoring program about 4 months ago. I volunteer at an organization that assists individuals that are suffering from financial crisis. She and I had been discussing the possibility that she was under-earning. But it wasn’t until she was at a dinner with a group of female lawyers that she realized how out of whack her salary was when compared to her peers.

We worked together to come up with a plan to talk to her boss. We came up with a game plan, established a top-level number, then discussed negotiating tactics. I helped her draft a proposal and proposed communication plan for her to submit to her boss that could be relayed to the department head.

She was very nervous but was encouraged by me and her other female lawyer friends to go for it.

I had warned her that her boss, who was also female, was probably going to get angry when she asked for the raise. But I reminded her that by asking for more, she was raising the level of water for the entire team and would make it easier for the lawyers behind her to get more money. And I explained that the reason that her boss might get angry was because it was exposing her boss’s own under-earning–people don’t like to be confronted with their own inadequacies.

And her boss did get angry. But her boss was now duty-bound to submit the request to her department head, which was approved over the holidays.

Reasons for raises

Today, my friend got additional information that she was now right in the middle of her peer group at work. Before her promotion, she was at the bottom of that group, despite having a higher level of education, several more years of experience and more completed projects under her belt.

She is now in a position to break $100K by next year if she continues to work at the same pace.

Salary isn’t just about what you earn. It is also about what you deserve.

And my friend deserved it–every penny of it.

Robert Ambrogi did me a kindness by including me in his post, The Year of Women in Legal Tech.

I’ve been working in legal technology before it was even a thing.

Over the past 20 years, the field of legal digital marketing has taken off and become a legitimate business need.

A legal digital marketer as a young woman

As the legal world has become more competitive, the need to keep pace the business world requires law firms to have strong digital marketing talent.

The business of law

To put myself through law school, I worked weekends at large law firm handling every job imaginable: filing, moving offices, answering phones, researching, and delivering mail along with lunch.

Plus, during one spring break, I spent the entire week dinking around on Prodigy–I was fascinated. I know I’m dating myself but it gives you a sense where the industry was when I was in law school.

While I was studying for the bar and waiting on my results, I helped the firm to build their first electronic filing system. I wasn’t yet a programmer but worked closely with the developer to design the system. I soon realized I needed to learn code so I wouldn’t get the wool pulled over my eyes.

It was also during this time was when I learned to run a business and realized that I preferred the “business of law” rather than the practice of law.

E-discovery, chat rooms and server rooms

After passing the bar, I practiced family law then expanded into plaintiffs law. Leaps in technology saw the advent of using technology to perform discovery and document production. I was also considering the impact of the ethics rules on AOL chat rooms.

Then life veered again when I moved directly into technology. Cloistered in a server room, I developed training and marketing material for an e-commerce site. Mostly, I remember how cold the room was and that no one had any pens or pencils at their desk. Why would they–I was surrounded by programmers.

Graphic, digital and web design

At that time, few people knew how to use PhotoShop, Illustrator or PowerPoint, which made me more marketable.

Lured back into law to work as a graphics designer, I worked at a white shoe firm. Not only handling their graphics, I designed their intranet and built their web site. The developer hired to build the site disagreed with the design and refused to build it. So I learned how to code and built it myself, winning a nice award in the process.

Project management, social media and online advertising

Websites, microsites, blogs, online advertising, social media are just the front-end of the projects that I’ve managed. Yes, graphics are a part of the project but the most enjoyable part of my job is the intricacy of navigating through the multiple systems that drive the sites.

Like embroidery, websites are beautifully patterned images made from thousands of multicolored strands of code. The front is beautiful. The back-end; well, I strive for neatness.

I enjoy my job immensely and think I have the best of several worlds: the law, technology and marketing.

Who would have imagined I would have ended up here?

Thanks again, Robert, and kudos to all women who work in legal.

It’s that time of year: time for top 10 lists for 2017.

What is your favorite top 10 list for 2017? Top movies? Top books? Top cars?

Well, here’s one more: our top ten 3 Geeks blog posts for 2017 in true Letterman style.

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And  that’s it, folks–happy holidays!

So, it was snowing in Houston today. My sister texted a photo full of snow at 6:30 am–a neighborhood once covered in Harvey now covered in snowflakes.

Just finished my analytics reports. Not sure how many of you use Google Analytics. It has changed a lot since I first started using it back in the good old days. Analytics is the favorite aspects of my job, probably because I like using Excel and running calculations.

Analytics are an important part of of monitoring a site to ensure that you are still on target and achieving your goals. Benchmarking–before and after shots prior to a launch–will help you better tell your success stories.

Google Analytics

I use GA to track web site and blog traffic, looking at visitors, sessions and pageviews over time. I’m able to tell what countries are viewing the site, what language they speak and even their age.

For social media, I usually prefer to go straight to the source. There are several tools that are available to help with this, like HootSuite, but I really do prefer digging through the data.

Why analytics?

Twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics, I think, does the best job of providing user analytics. Facebook comes in next, with LinkedIn next.

If you aren’t aware, Twitter provides every user with analytics on their account’s performance.

To access,  click on your Twitter profile pic and select analytics.

Twitter analytics top mentions

The Twitter Analytics landing page for your analytics page will display a monthly summary, in reverse chronological order, of your top tweet, follower, mention and media tweet. It also shows the total number of tweets, profile visits, followers, impressions and mentions for the month.

Twitter activity analytics

Behind sub pages include a full analysis of tweets, your account’s audience, events, conversion tracking and, soon, video analytics.
You can export all the metrics from your Twitter analytics, which provides a full list of all your tweets, the number of impressions, engagements and the engagement rate. You can download your Twitter data for a day, month, or a specific data range.

Twitter audience analytics

Your audience analytics will give you an idea of who is reading your tweets. I’m pleased to see that I am followed by whom I intended to be  followed: techie nerds, both male and female.
Analytics reports are like checking your pulse. You want to make sure your sites are still up and running.

Watching YouTube with purpose by Lihsa

How many of you out there regularly watch YouTube videos? Mostly people randomly watch videos. But it is possible to follow YouTube in much the same way you follow a podcast.

I’ve been a YouTube subscriber for about 7 years and really active for the last 4 – 5 years.

It is a great way to learn the learn new skills, follow a hobby or even catch up with cable TV shows. Many times, I’ll go straight to the government agency to watch speeches that I might have missed on TV.

How to subscribe to YouTube videos for CLE self-study, watch news and learn new skills

Not to mention that if you really get into YouTube, you can opt into YouTube Red for $9.99 a month and have an ad-free experience.

YouTube perks and channels

Another perk is that any movies that you bought through GooglePlay for Android will be accessible through your YouTube account.

I am currently subscribed to around 50 channels like the New York TimesVanity Fair, BookTVMayor Sylvester TurnerFood WishesTexas State BarHarris County Law LibraryThe Financial Diet, Last Week Tonight, ExcelIsFun and car mechanic Chris Fix. I also have a lot of guilty pleasures that I won’t divulge here (did anyone say make-up or home decor?).

UPDATE: Since posting this blog, @NYT notified me of a new Museum of Modern Art docu-series, At The Museum. At this time, it is only available for streaming on YouTube.

How to subscribe to a YouTube channel

Let me show you how to subscribe to a channel. You want to subscribe to at least 20 because not everyone consistently produces content and there can be large gaps between videos.

To subscribe, search for the channel in the YouTube search box, then hit the red “Subscribe” button either to the right of the channel search result or underneath the channel’s masthead. There is also a similar button within every video.

How to subscribe to YouTube videos to earn CLE self-study, watch news and learn new skills

Now, when you log into YouTube, you can access your subscriptions and watch the latest videos by moving into the left navigation and select “Subscription.” Plus, the latest videos will display in the center pane.

How to subscribe to YouTube videos to earn CLE self-study, watch news and learn new skills

How to get notified of new YouTube videos

If you want to be notified more quickly when your subscribed channel posts its latest videos, you can opt to get “notified.” Within a selected video, click on the bell icon to the right of the “Subscribe” button  on the YouTube video. The bell icon also appears next to the subscribe button in a YouTube channel search result.

Channel listing in a search result:

Video display:

How to subscribe to YouTube videos to earn CLE self-study, watch news and learn new skills

This will then push a notification via YouTube or, if you opt in, via email. To set this, go to “Settings” > “Notifications” and then scroll down to “Channel subscriptions” and select “Occasionally notify me … .” You can then choose to either get a push notification or an email notification.

How to subscribe to YouTube videos to earn CLE self-study, watch news and learn new skills

YouTube subscriptions and auto-play

The biggest drawback I have with YouTube subscriptions is that YouTube subscriptions don’t autoplay one right after the other. I have to actively go in and select the next video.

The only way I can get my subscriptions to auto-run is if I am watching a savvy YouTuber who has playlisted his/her videos. But even this is quite right–what happens is that if I am watching a Food Wishes post roast video, the next auto-play video will be another Food Wish’s beef recipe from his beef recipes playlist.

However, I’m confident that YouTube will soon fix this glitch.

Let me know if you are as avid as YouTuber as I am and if you have any favorite channels that you enjoy watching.

Happy holidays, everyone!

No post today–my time is devoted to preparing for the upcoming holidays.

Happy Holidays! Gift guide for the lawyer in your life - 3 Geeks - @Lihsa

But I will leave a list of great gift ideas for the lawyer in your life! And, no, these are not affiliate links–just gift ideas to make your shopping easier.

  1. Levenger Journal Case for iPhone X 
  2. Commemorative Texas State Bar ornament 
  3. Rumpole on the Bailey Megaset DVD collection
  4. Barrister bookcase
  5. Bookends
  6. Personalized Crane stationery
  7. St. John’s Loves Texas scarf
  8. Hermés tie
What’s on your shopping list?

Mysteries, the law and movies: podcasts for everyone by @Lihsa

A quick post: I’m not feeling very well–Houston allergies.

Fun fact: if you move to Houston, you will develop allergies within 2 years of moving here. Because it is abnormally warm, allergy cycles are accelerating. Tomorrow it is going to be 84 degrees Fahrenheit with 71% humidity. Ugh.

Nevertheless, the post must go on. Today’s topic? Podcasts.

Here’s a quick and dirty list of the podcasts I’m currently obsessed with:

  1. S-Town
  2. 99% Invisible
  3. You Must Remember This
  4. Lawyer 2 Lawyer
  5. This American Life
  6. Hidden Brain
  7. RadioLab
  8. The Moth
  9. The Daily
  10. My Favorite Murder
S-Town, produced by Serial and This American Life, is a deep-dive romance, mystery and legal conundrum of a small Alabama town and its amazing citizen, John. 10 episodes.

99% Invisible explores the thought, science and design behind items we may otherwise not notice. Weekly.

You Must Remember This gives behind-the-scenes glimpses into the Hollywood film history. Weekly.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is hosted by Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams and presents current events through the filter of the law, bringing on industry experts. Two to three times a month.

This American Life is practically an NPR institution, developed by Ira Glass and showcasing slices of America. Ira picks a theme and presents 3 acts that address the topic. Weekly.

Hidden Brain is hosted by Shankar Vendatam,explaining things like what your parking habits say about you. He weaves neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and economics into compelling stories. Weekly.

RadioLab addresses the intersection between science and philosophy. One of my favorites examined the ethical decisions raised by autonomous vehicles. Weekly.

The Moth is a story lover’s dream. Themed episodes feature 3 stories by individuals from around the world. Weekly.

The Daily is produced by the New York Times. Covering a top story, it takes a deep-dive with the reporting journalist and adds additional color and background. Five days a week.

My Favorite Murder captures personal tales of brushes with murderers and mayhem. It’s almost too scary for me and I have to take long breaks between listening. Some may have a stronger constitution and can handle it. Beware: very quirky and giggly. Weekly.

So there you have it. Good night, dear readers. Share your favorite podcasts in the comments–I’d love to learn about some new ones.