One Week In, Three Mo to Go

It's November and that means you have probably noticed that shaving habits among some of the men in your life have become somewhat lax.  No, this is not the result of a Gillette strike or a national shaving cream shortage, it's Movember.

Every November, men across the globe stop shaving their upper lip to raise awareness (and money) for Men's Health issues.  Movember raises money to fund Research, and projects to raise Awareness & Education , Living With & Beyond Cancer, and Living With & Beyond Mental Illness.  You can see a complete list of the projects they are helping to fund here.

This year, I am participating in my first Movember Campaign.

Me usually
"How can that be?", you say, "We've seen that stupid selfie of you staring wide eyed into your cell phone splattered all over social media for years! (at left) You clearly have a full, manly, attractive beard already."

Me - Friday, November 1st
Well, last Friday I shaved for the first time in a couple of years. (at right) And let me tell you, shaving sucks. It takes too much time and it hurts. I hate it.  That's the real reason I wear the beard.  But it's for a good cause, so I can put up with it for another few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm starting to get a lot of flack from my friends and colleagues who are disappointed with my meager hair growth after one week. Hey, just because I usually have hair all over my face, doesn't mean that it grows any faster for me than it does for anyone else!  Besides, it's coming in grayer than I would hope, so it's a little harder to see. 

Me - Today, November 8th
So if the guy in the next cubicle is starting to look like a 70s motorcycle cop, ask him if he's participating in Movember. If he is, go ahead make nice donation to his hair growth efforts. If he's not, sorry. I bet that's really embarrassing.

You know, I hear donating money to a good cause makes you feel better about yourself.

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