Waiting for Reformation

(With sincere apologies to Sam Beckett.)

Deweygon, sitting on a first year associate, is trying to write off his client’s bills.  He crosses out and uncrosses out. 
He gives up, exhausted, rests, and prints out another copy. 
As before. 
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Enter Howreymir.

Deweygon:  (Giving up again) Nothing to be done.
Howreymir: I’m beginning to come round to that opinion. 
Deweygon: Ah, so there you are again. I thought you had gone forever.
Howreymir: I may have.
Deweygon: As long as you’re here, you can help me with this.  (writing again) More partners… equals more hours… (with rising intensity) equals greater revenue …
Howreymir: Equals less profit. 
Deweygon: (sinking, resigned) Equals less profit. Every time, the same result. When will they get here!?
Howreymir: Today. I feel it.
Deweygon: You said that yesterday.
Howreymir: But today, I am sure.
Deweygon: And if you are wrong?
Howreymir: Then tomorrow, or next week perhaps.
Deweygon: And what shall we do until then?
Howreymir: We could fire associates… or IT staff.
Deweygon: Or we could make them partners and use their “buy-in” as cash to keep us going until they arrive.
(The first-year associate, still under Deweygon, begins nodding his head vigorously, wagging his rear, panting like a dog, and pulling wads of cash from his pockets. Howreymir casually picks up the money and pockets it himself.)
Howreymir: No. That will not keep us.
Deweygon: For a while, perhaps?
Howreymir: No.
(The first year sticks out his lower lip in an exaggerated pout, lowers his head, and begins to sob silently.)
Deweygon: Then we are doomed?
Howreymir: They will come.  They have the answers.
Deweygon: But until they get here!?
Howreymir: We keep hitting our hours.
Deweygon:  I have hit 52 hours in the last 2 days!
Howreymir:  But we have no clients to bill.
Deweygon:  No clients.
Howreymir: We could get some.
Deweygon: We should wait and see what they say first.
Howreymir:  Who?
Deweygon: Martin Luther LLP
Howreymir:  Good idea.  They will show us what we need to change.
Deweygon: They have the answers. They know how to do things.
Howreymir: What if they don’t?
Deweygon: What do you mean?
Howreymir: What if they think we know how to do things?
Deweygon: Maybe we should fix things now before they come, so that we can help them when they get here?
Howreymir: We could probably improve our processes.
Deweygon: We could certainly improve our efficiency.
Howreymir:  We could definitely improve our technology.
Deweygon: That will cost money.
Howreymir: They are bringing the money.
Deweygon:  Unless they don’t have that either.
Howreymir:  You think they don’t have money?
Deweygon: They approached us. If they have so much money and so many clients, then why would they come to us.
Howreymir: We have prestige.
Deweygon: We are prestigious. And great lawyers.
Howreymir: Truly great.
Deweygon:  The best of the best!
Howreymir: The top-tier of the top-tier!
Deweygon:  The last of the white shoes.
(Both look down and notice they are wearing brown and black shoes. A noise off stage.)
Howreymir: What was that?
Deweygon:  It’s them, they’re coming!
Howreymir: Can you see them?  Do they have money? Or clients?
(Both look intently off stage for a long moment.)
Deweygon: I don’t see them.
Howreymir:  It was the wind.  But they will come. Today.
Deweygon: Or tomorrow.  And they’ll know what to do.
Howreymir: In the meantime, there is nothing to be done.
Deweygon: No. Nothing at all.

(Fade to black)

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