Greetings Texas Firms – From Axiom

Based on some job ads we have recently seen, it appears Axiom is establishing a presence in Texas. Axiom, as you may recall, is an alternative provider of legal-type services and new breed of competitor to law firms. They have a very interesting business model and have been quite successful in other markets.

Texas firms would be wise to add Axiom to their list of competitors. Axiom provides long-term, temporary attorney placements within client legal teams. This is disruptive for two reasons. First and most obvious, this is work likely being handled currently by outside counsel.  Second, this is a competitor establishing a primary relationship with law firm clients. The first factor is a short-term issue. The second one is very much a long-term concern for firms.

At 3 Geeks we have previously talked about new breed competitors entering the market. Now this appears to be happening geographically and likely by markets (Energy in Houston).

Welcome to Texas Axiom!

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