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Ed Walters and I had a little fun on Twitter this morning when Ed tweeted this week's answer key. Being the rather smart-alecky person I am, I filled in the "questions" just for fun. Kind of like the old Johnny Carson routine of Carnac the Magnificent.

So, I thought we'd have a little fun and post an answer key of our own. We'll let you pick one or more and give us the corresponding question.

Answer Key:
A1:    2% this year.

A2:    4th Quarter of 2015.

A3:    The New Westlaw

A4:    Microsoft Office, Flash, and Google+

A5:    Apocalyptic Coding

A6:    Stockholm School of Law

A7:    Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, and Target

A8:    Scheduled to premier at SXSW in 2013

A9:    Social Media Guru

A10:  3 Geeks and a Law Blog
Put on your thinking caps… turn up your sarcasm… and give us some questions to go with these answers!

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Anonymous said...

Q4 - What Steve Jobs specifically placed in his Will that would never work on the iPad

Jan Rivers said...

Q8- Who are The Axiomatics? The set will feature DJ Gedi-Man and his hit, "Wiki...Wiki...Wiki..."

Greg Lambert said...

Good one Jan!!


Steve G. said...

A1: How much is my raise this year?

A2: When will I next be considered for a raise?

A5: What are Mayan coders working on now?

A6: Where can I learn more about the Stockholm method of management?

A7: Where will most 2012 law grads be working in 6 months?

Anonymous said...

Q6: What finally replaced the Socratic Method and instructed Professors to start each class with 'We have some exciting changes to the syllabus today..."

Lee S. said...

A8: A person with minimal human contact who tells others how to attract new friends.

Larry Bridgesmith said...

Q1: How many law firm leaders can avoid using the acronym LPM?
Q2: When will the billable hour finally expire?
Q3: What will be LexisNexis' next new product be called?
Q4: What merger will be announced on April 1, 2012?
Q5: What name will the ABA Task Code Set be known by?
Q6: Which law school will receive the next ABA accreditation?
Q7: Which companies will receive the most employment applications from lawyers this year?
Q8: When will a lawyer from India become the ABA President?
Q9: What skill set will be required to become an AmLaw 200 law firm leader?
Q10: Who will win the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize?

Anonymous said...

@Steve G.:
I thought your answer to A5 was meant to be an answer to A3. And actually, I think it's a better answer to that!

Anonymous said...

Q3: The worst new product idea since New Coke
Q4: bloat, gloat and mote
Q6: The technique of training lawyers by torturing them until they like it.
Q9: Mike Myers' upcoming sequel to The Love Guru

Anonymous said...

Q. 2 - When will WEXIS stop trying to give cute names to their next new platform and just call it 2.0, etc.?

Q. 7 - What's the latest law firm to hire a librarian? (Can't you just hear the perky receptionist answering the phone?).


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