Cowboys, Land Grabs and Jails: Houston's Keyword Searches

The Google Zeitgeist 2011 has a list of the top ten search results by region. Luckily, my home city of Houston was included.

Or maybe not so luckily, actually.

Our search results are as follows:
  1. Houston Rodeo - an annual cowboy event
  2. Memorial Hermann - a hospital
  3. HCAD - the county appraisal district
  4. Houston Workforce Commission - unemployment office
  5. San Jacinto College - local junior college
  6. Klein ISD - school district in a northwest suburb
  7. Greensheet - classified ads
  8. Harris Country Jail - no clarification required
  9. Katy ISD - a school district in a western suburb
  10. HAR - an online site for Houston real estate
Johanna Wright, Google's Director of Product Management, writes "Searches for school districts, universities and local libraries made the list in ten states . . .  ."

I will let the readers draw their own conclusions from Houston's list.  May I just say that I grew up in Ohio? 

Maybe I should move to Minneapolis. The county library made it to number 3 on their list.

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