Crowdsourcing Your Way to the Truth

Two different NYT stories caused me to start thinking about crowdsourcing: World War II Mystery Solved in a Few Hours and Identifying Looters and Lovers in Vancouver's Riot.

In both instances, photos were posted online to help identify people who held themselves out in a public manner and whose actions were memorialized by photos.

In a matter of hours, people began identifying those caught in the act.

So it makes me wonder: perhaps George Orwell had it wrong. There's no one Big Brother. There are Big Brothers and Sisters. B2S, if you will.

Don't know if I like that so much.

Its bad enough being a Catholic and being guilted by the possibility of Big Eye in the Sky.

It's like I've said before—privacy is heading out the door ...



Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be. George Orwell

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Les said...

Oooh, this is an interesting concept. And of course this is going to happen more and more - it's the next gen of "Wanted" posters.

Mikhail Koulikov said...

Especially in the NYT case, how is what they did substantively different from posting a link to the album on any one of the *many and various* WWII photography forums?

...or, for that matter, from the majority of the traffic on the main law-lib blog and the AALL chapter blogs...


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