Bing Brings Your Facebook Friends Into Your Search Results… Is That a Good Thing??

So, will connecting Bing to your Facebook account make your search result better? The folks at Bing seem to think so. Here's a 2:35 video that explains what Bing is trying to do:

  • Are you comfortable connecting your Facebook account to Bing?
  • Are your Facebook connections really smart enough to improve the Collective IQ? (I've got some friends from high school that may actually dumb down my results.)
  • What about this "Universal 'Like' Button"? 
  • Perhaps the best thing I like about this is that if I'm going to a city, having Bing point out which of my Facebook friends lives in that city may make it easier for me to remember who to avoid while I'm there!!

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gerry said...

I think this will become more prevelent as time moves on!
social media is now just part of the mix. At least you have a choice!


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