Twitter Really Can Get You Legal Business. Well, If They Pay...

I have a real-life success story with Twitter: I actually called a lawyer that I met on Twitter to discuss a legal issue. Really. The back story: @kentnewsome and I go back a ways. He, along with another partner, were the final word on all web decisions. After a few years, he decided to leave the firm for greener pastures. Fast forward a couple of years. I am bouncing around on Twitter, look at friends and followers. Who do I spot but @kentnewsome. Of course, we hook up. We tweet back and forth, I write a post about his technology blog, he updates me on his kids. Then trouble hits. As some of you may know, I am in the midst of buying a house. My first house. A custom-built house. Of course, as many of you more experienced home-buyers may know, pandemonium strikes: questions arise, trust is tested, integrity is challenged. I need a real estate lawyer! I am unsure if my issue merits hiring an attorney. So I need to talk to someone that I can trust to give me a fair assessment of my real estate issue. Ah-ha! I remember that @kentnewsome is a real estate lawyer. And not just any real estate lawyer, but the head of the real estate department at a well-respected law firm. And not just the head of the real estate department but someone that I trust to have sound judgment and integrity. So I call @kentnewsome. He was ever so kind to me. He allayed my fears, gave me reasonable legal advice and a common-sense solution. So, you see, Twitter can lead to real legal business. Its just in this case, @kentnewsome was kind enough to give me some free advice. By the way, it's all good. I'm getting the house :)

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