Do "Real" Journalists Twitter?

I posed this question on Twitter but got no responses. I suppose that answers that. But, I think I just got lost in the Twittersphere so I raise the question again. Do "Real" Journalists Twitter? You see, I have been having this long-standing debate (well, ok, a 4-month debate) with a former reporter who claims that no reporter worth his/her salt would deign to use Twitter as a story source and that there are no reporters at reputable papers using Twitter. Hmm. Well, if that were true, I wouldn't be able to follow @jsnell, @pogue, @Tracyo42, @stephditta, @jenleereeves, @judywriter, @brianstelter and many, many more. And then on Twellow, an app that works like a yellow pages for Twitter, there is a category devoted to reporters. I guess for some, ignorance is bliss . . .

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BMcKae said...

Hi, Lisa. I enjoy your blog. Check out David Pogue's article on the front of today's New York Times online paper.


I'd consider David Pogue a "real" journalist too. And the NY Times wasn't afraid to put it on its front page either.

Bryan McKae

Richard said...

BMcKae, I loved that article!


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