As I Look into My Crystal Ball . . .

Monday, I was looking over a list of online legal directories: Martindale, Findlaw, Legal500, BestLawyers, Chambers. I could go on and on . . . Well, you know, my cohorts in crime here, Toby and Greg, have been talking a lot about the new way in which Martindale has hooked up with LinkedIn. Martindale is going where no legal directory has gone before: web 2.0--definitely a leg up in the competition. Then I started thinking about the legal directories marketplace. Martindale, owned by LexisNexis, is the gorilla in this group. Lexis' parent company is Reed Elselvier, acquires legal technology just like any other technology: they grow by acquisition. My prediction? Reed's going to starting snapping up international law directories. Dare I say Chambers? Stay tuned . . . Well, doggone: just googled it. Here's the release:

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