MicroSoft Has a Commercial about Nothing . .

There was a lot of hulla-baloo today about MicroSoft's latest attempt to recapture the market after Apple achieved wide appeal with its PC v Mac ads.

Following the theme of the famed Seinfold show, Jerry Seinfeld's presence assures that this commercial is about nothing.

Lots of critics that it was unfunny. Not I. A giggle did escape . . .

A thanks to my proverbial right-hand woman, Whitney Palmer, for spotting this story. More thoughts on the commercial can be read here:


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Toby Brown said...

Makes me want to go out and buy a Commodore 64. Think of the possibilities!

Greg Lambert said...

Commodore 64?? What... is a VIC-20 too good for you??

Greg Lambert said...

I see that MS and JS have decided not to do any more of these commercials.


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